Choose life

Posted May 5th, 2020

Choose life

A man-made way of doing life is being forced upon us and is threatening life itself. It’s a teaching and instruction that stands in opposition to that which has enabled the advances that we all (to varying degrees) take for granted. Are you going to respond? If so, how?

Unfortunately, there are many who have been deceived into thinking that our current “Health Care System" offers health care, but that’s not the case. It’s a system built around the medical approach, which is very good for treating sickness, disease and life-threatening injuries… it can slow or stop a downward spiral, but it does nothing to optimize health. Because of this misunderstanding, there are many who have been led to believe that separation and isolation of all will be good for some, the sick and the vulnerable. People have even gone so far as to think that it’s good for one’s health not to engage in physical contact in the public domain.

It’s this type of mechanistic thinking that supports a stay at home order, like we can be disassembled from society and then put back together so the machine can run better, flies in the face of natural order and corrupts our human nervous system! By design we are social beings, primed for physical affection and contact with others, we all crave togetherness.

As we honor our design, we get healthier and stronger, we are more able to overcome that which comes against us so that we can engage in a life of loving service. There is clear evidence that demonstrates what happens to a baby when raised with little to no contact and we have even named this condition Touch deprivation (skin hunger). When do we grow out of this? Now obviously that’s a rhetoric, because we don’t. Our brains are wired for close contact with other people in our community!

Now do we need to live in fear of viruses? Another obvious rhetoric. The reality is that we don’t need to live in fear of anything because perfect love casts out fear! As a side note; living in fear and being fearful are two very different things, to feel fear is absolutely normal but we can choose how to live irrespective of how we feel.

So how do we respond?

Understand that all of life happens above-down-inside-out, the power that grows the body knows best how to heal the body. Be personally responsible by improving your physical conditioning and resilience by getting/staying in alignment, exercise, adequate sleep and good nutrition… look after yourself because you can’t give what you don’t have. Lead your immediate family in this too, not making it about a treatment or an exercise but about a playful adventure that creates a hunger for good food and an early night. And if you are doing this as a family, more and better will happen because you’ll be out there loving and serving as a cohesive unit.

As you have the opportunity, connect with and serve in your local community. The more you pour out the more you are filled up (if you disagree with that then you likely don’t know the risen Jesus). Reach out and embrace the opportunity to encourage and enable one another. Don’t cover your face because a very big and important part of communication is facial expression, good communication is key for connection. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts so let’s get together not just in word and talk but in deed and truth! Muscles aren’t grown by avoiding the stress, advance doesn’t happen by retreating, and victory wasn’t won by taking the easy comfortable way. Life wasn’t saved by coming down from the cross but up from the grave – rise up and overcome!

Now to the extent you have a vision for loving and serving others, and a desire to do so consistently, you won’t allow yourself into a state of disorder and sickness. And even if you are struck with injury, sickness or opposition, you can see it as a different type of opportunity to overcome, overcome the desire to cry “poor me” or “I don’t deserve this”. To journey through suffering while being other people centered is one of the most courageous and inspirational gifts/characteristics one can exhibit! So train yourself for endurance.