C-19... from death to life!

Posted Apr 9th, 2020

C-19... from death to life!

If we want to overcome this virus, we will need to do so naturally by challenging our collective immune system with it and developing a natural immunity. Anything else will defy God’s natural order of life and lead to more sickness and more treatments. It's just how sickness care works.

If you want to slow the spread of this virus, it makes sense to engage in physical distancing however social isolation will (or should I say has) make the leading health problems (anxiety and depression) so much worse! We are social beings and need to be in community for our health, not just our mental health but physical too.

What's going on now is social engineering and we are being treated as cogs in a machine – "separate them, clean/‘lube’ them up and put them back together". Come on! We are not parts of a machine that can be separated and put back together and life gets better, let alone goes back to normal… we definitely won’t be better following this experiment! If we want to overcome, we need to do so by coming together to support, encourage and enable one another in community working toward a common goal... because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts!

We are not facing a physical problem that any man-made chemical can treat; this is a spiritual problem on a global level. God’s way of doing life is being threatened! Jesus overcame death so that we might have life and he said the more you get out there and share it the more you will be filled by it! You can’t run from the darkness… only light drives out darkness. Don't worry what the rest of the world is doing, are you going to choose the Light of life?